Types of Tourism

Religious Tourism:

Religious tourism means the tour taken to the places of religious importance or to visit the holy shrines. Among the world’s most famous religious tourist spots are Mecca in Madina (Saudi Arab), Jerusalem, many Hindu temples in India.

Egypt is an ancient nation with a very ancient civilization. It had its own religion in the ancient times with people worshipping the Sun god. Most of the tombs and pyramids built in Egypt are built according to the positions of the Sun and other heavenly bodies. However, later the Egyptians culture came under the influence of Islam and much later Christianity.  With ninety percent of Muslim population in Egypt, there are many famous mosques in Egypt which are attractions for Muslim tourists.

Wildlife Tourism and Ecotourism:

Wildlife and Ecotourism is concerned with the tourism activities related to the wildlife of a particular place and the ecology and natural places of tourist importance. Africa with its rich and diverse wildlife is one of the world’s most famous tourists’ destinations. The African lion Safari and other wild animals’ safari are one of the most famous tourist attractions in the entire world. Though they come very costly, they are extremely famous among the rich people. There are many African nations whose economies are driven by the wildlife tourism industry only.

Make sure you wear the right clothes while traveling. Take climate appropriate shirts and pants. Get the Some of the countries offer to hunt down some animals at extremely high prices.[Read about Travel Industry]

Depending upon the ecology of the place, many countries also attract tourists because of its pleasant weather and rich ecosystem. Many African nations and island nations all over the world are famous for that.

Nile cruises are one of the major tourist attractions of Egypt. Apart from all its ancient civilization and heritages, Egypt also has the largest river of the earth- River Nile, which is a major tourist attraction for people as well. The tours operating between different places on a cruise liner in the river Nile is very famous. Most of the times, these tours are of three, four or seven days. These Nile Cruisers are also referred as floating hotels in Egypt and have all the facilities of a plush hotel such as swimming pools, gym, restaurants, different stores and shops, libraries etc.

Mass Tourism:

Mass tourism is only very recent trend in the tourism industry and could only have developed with the growth of technology, in order to provide facilities to transport lots of people altogether, in a very short span of time for leisure activities.

The Pyramid of Giza, Cairo, in Egypt attracts many lots of mass tourists. Most of these tours are either educational or of people from same geography.

Medical (Health) Tourism:

Medical tourism is one of the latest trends in the tourism industry where people from all over the world travel to a specific location for medical treatment or for the health benefits. Countries like United States and European nations attract many people from the world over because of its advanced medical science. However, with modern medical science extending its reach to all across the globe, medical or health tourism now-a-days is synonymous with natural treatment or recuperation through natural measures and herbal medication. Places with rich ancient medical history such as India, China and Egypt etc attract many tourists from all over the world for it. Even in the ancient Egypt, its Spa centers were quite famous among the travelers and people living in nearby countries. From the time of Julio Cesar, Egypt used to attract Europeans for its naturopathy and herbal treatment.

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